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Commercial Construction Litigation

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Commercial construction disputes may have a direct impact on the businesses involved in the matter. Business owners in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids and other affiliates are often looking to resolve the issue as quickly as possible in order to protect the business and its future. If you are facing a commercial construction matter and wish to explore your options for litigation, turn to an experienced attorney at Willis Law.

With years of experience handling all types of residential construction and commercial construction disputes, our lawyers at Willis Law have the knowledge that is necessary to discovering the right solution for you and your business. This may mean going to trial or negotiating a settlement. We take the time to get to know your business as well as your needs and goals, in order to see that the way in which we seek an end to the matter is in your best interests.

Diverse Commercial Construction Litigation Experience

Contact us today to learn more about some of the commercial construction issues that we confidently handle such as:

  • Contract disputes, including breach of contract
  • Lakefront property disputes and other issues involving bodies of water on properties
  • Environmental regulation violations
  • Code violations and blueprint deviations
  • Bond disputes, lien actions and other nonpayment issues
  • AIA document disputes
  • AIA arbitration
  • Architectural disputes

Construction Defect Litigation

Our firm has been involved in multimillion-dollar commercial construction defect cases. We strongly believe that contractors and others involved in the development and building processes need to be held responsible for defects that have occurred and are now having a negative impact on the business.

Commercial Real Estate Litigation

In addition to handling commercial construction litigation matters, our firm provides exceptional representation to individuals and businesses dealing with commercial real estate disputes. We can represent your rights in all types of issues such as commercial foreclosure, landlord-tenant matters, easements, boundary disputes, mechanic's liens foreclosures and breach of contract, among others.

Contact a Kalamazoo Commercial Construction Lawsuit Lawyer Today

Contact a knowledgeable Michigan commercial construction attorney at Willis Law today and schedule a consultation to discuss your commercial construction needs. From offices in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and Paw Paw, we counsel construction clients throughout West Michigan, but have experience representing clients from Florida, to California to Canada.

Shaun Willis is the contributing author for this content.

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