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The skilled litigators at Willis Law confidently handle all types of litigation matters, including those in the areas included below. Contact a Michigan litigation lawyer at Willis Law today to learn more about the litigation services we offer. Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids litigation lawyers can assist in your state or federal case.

Kalamazoo Litigation and ADR Lawyers

Our skilled and dedicated lawyers are prepared to help you obtain positive results through litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods, including:

  • Business litigation: Any type of litigation may have an impact on your business. We handle all types of state and federal commercial litigation issues such as shareholder disputes, partnership disputes, nonsolicitation issues, noncompete agreements and many others.
  • Construction litigation: Whether you are dealing with commercial construction litigation, or residential or commercial real estate litigation matters, our firm can stand up for your rights and help you understand your options for seeking a resolution to the case. We handle all types of construction litigation and liens such as contract disputes, financing issues, and state and federal regulatory matters.
  • Employment litigation: Our firm handles litigation for employers who are dealing with a wide range of employee issues and lawsuits, including those alleging discrimination (age, race, gender, sex, national origin, pregnancy and others), sexual harassment, wrongful termination and many more disputes as they arise.
  • Environmental litigation : We represent clients in all types of environmental litigation, including water law and lake litigation, lawsuits over alleged violations of federal regulations, and anything that might arise for homeowners or business owners regarding environmental law.
  • Estate, probate and trust litigation: Any issues involving estates and trusts should be handled as efficiently and effectively as possible in order to fully protect the rights of the estate holder and any estate or trust¬†beneficiaries. We handle all aspects of estate, probate and trust litigation for clients throughout Michigan and for out-of-state clients with issues and interests in Michigan, including will contests and trustee removal, as well as contested guardianships and conservatorships.
  • Lottery disputes: Our attorneys believe that everyone should have a chance to pursue lottery winnings to which they might be entitled. We will work quickly to ascertain to whom lottery winnings belong, including pursuing litigation or defending against unfounded claims of ownership.
  • Alternative dispute resolution: Though we are skilled and aggressive litigators and trial lawyers, our firm also understands that litigating a case in court is not always the best way in which to resolve issues. Our firm can advise clients on alternative methods of resolving litigation out of court such as arbitration and mediation. Arbitration involves a private, third-party arbitrator (or panel of arbitrators) who makes a binding decision in the matter after hearing each side present its case. Mediation also involves a private third party, but this neutral party works closely with each side to come to an agreement on a decision in the matter. Each side is expected to give and take in order to minimize animosity and reach a conclusion to the case.

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