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In Michigan, workers are protected by various state and federal workers' safety laws that are intended to keep workplaces free from hazards and to provide safe working environments. When accidents happen on the job, workers have the option to apply for workers' compensation, which is required by employers under state law. This compensation is intended to pay the cost of medical care and lost wages until the worker is able to resume working.

At Willis Law, our Kalamazoo workers' compensation attorneys assist injured workers in all matters relating to compensation for injured workers. We guide our clients through all aspects of the process from applying for workers' compensation to making sure they receive the compensation and benefits they are due.

We are also skilled at pursuing third-party damages in personal injury claims where appropriate.

Knowledgeable, Compassionate Workers' Comp Attorneys

If you have been injured at work — on the work site or even off-site while on duty — we can assist you in obtaining benefits for your injury. This includes claims stemming from:

  • Crushing injuries caused by presses, vehicles or factory equipment
  • Injuries caused by on-the-job car crashes and truck collisions
  • On-the-job injuries at railroad crossings or involving railroad equipment
  • Falls from scaffolding, structures and moving equipment
  • Impacts by falling objects such as bricks, girders or HVAC systems
  • Burn injuries from defective, malfunctioning or improperly operated equipment
  • Chronic pain caused by repetitive motion (carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Connective tissue injuries caused while lifting, pulling, pushing or twisting
  • Respiratory illnesses caused by work materials
  • Spine and nerve injuries of various causes
  • Catastrophic injuries of any kind
  • Wrongful death due to any on-the-job injury

Workers' Compensation and Third-Party Injuries

When a work injury is caused by, or is partially due to, the actions of a party other than the employer, a worker may be entitled to additional third-party compensation. With respect to a construction injury, for instance, these parties can include property owners, contractors and subcontractors who contributed to the conditions that caused the injury. Any court-ordered awards or settlements resulting from such third-party cases may be used to pay medical bills or other damages beyond what is covered by workers' compensation, as well as pain and suffering, which is not usually covered.

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