Stop the Clock - Fixed Price Legal Services

A number of our clients enjoy establishing a fixed price arrangement for the work we perform on their behalf. Those clients might be a corporation or LLC hoping to firm up or otherwise budget for their legal expenses. Or, perhaps an individual who has not purchased legal services before and wants to ensure the price they will pay.

For matters engaged on a fixed price our clients are certain of the legal fees for their services, and they do not receive hourly billings. For clients who have engaged us on a fixed price basis they are happy that their lawyers have shut down the clock on their behalf!

Wouldn't it be great if you knew up front how much your legal services would cost?

Where else do you purchase something without knowing the price?

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to budget for legal services and know you won't be hit with hidden fees or have extra hours added to your bill for "additional services"?

Our firm believes in shouldering with our clients in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo to Stop the Clock on law firm billing. We are challenging the status quo with Fixed Priced Legal Services. The idea is simple. After some brief intake information we meet to discuss your case and once the details are reviewed we decide on a price together. No hourly rate, no extra fees. We stop the clock and get to work for you. This shifts the focus from the hourly billings to servicing our clients, and that is a novel idea in today's law firms.

Sixty percent of our clients are on fixed price plans with our firm. We would love the opportunity to quote your legal work. Our firm has fixed price plans in place with multi-million dollar companies, global corporations, entry-level corporations and start-ups, even individuals and their businesses.

Call toll free today, 800-610-6938 to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can best serve you.